Terms of Health Guarantee:

Initial Health Guarantee: Buyer must have the dog examined by a licensed, practicing veterinarian of their choice within 21 days of transfer and possession. Failure to have a health check by a licensed, practicing veterinarian voids this health guarantee and renders the dog “sold as is”.

Life Threatening Disorder: Although rare, sometimes a life threatening disorder may occur. In the event a life threatening disorder is found, the Buyer must contact the Seller immediately providing the diagnosis and the diagnosing veterinarian.  Buyer must then return the dog and a conclusive veterinary report to the Seller within 24 hours.  A life threatening disorder must be present at time of sale and not caused by careless handling or improper care by the Buyer.

 Death Caused by Birth Defect: Should a birth defect cause death within 48 hours and it is confirmed by the Buyer with an autopsy, the dog will be replaced with another dog of the same sex and breed upon availability.

 < > This contract DOES NOT cover internal parasites, external parasites, parvovirus, or canine distemper. All dogs should be on a worming schedule.

Seller Vaccinations: The seller has coordinated with a licensed, practicing veterinarian to vaccinate the dog against Parvovirus and Canine Distemper at 6*8 weeks old. If the Buyer does not want the dog to have his/her vaccinations given by Seller, Buyer must advise the Seller before the transfer of ownership.
De-Worming: The dog will be wormed between three (3) and four (4) times by the Seller prior to the transfer of ownership to the Buyer.

 One Year Health Guarantee: Seller warrants that the dog is free of congenital defects of a life threatening nature for one (1) year from the dog’s date of birth. Seller makes no guarantee as to the final conformation outcome of the dog as it grows into adulthood. This includes final alignment of teeth. If an exam of the dog determines it is afflicted with a congenital defect of a life threatening nature within one (1) year of dog’s date of birth, Buyer shall:

 Treatable Defects/Problems: Obtain a certificate detailing such defect/problem and submit it to the Seller. If the problem can be treated, it is the Buyer’s responsibility to treat the dog accordingly. If immediate treatment is required, it is the Buyers responsibility to begin treatment immediately. Seller, after reviewing the veterinary report, will provide approval or denial to cover cost, not to exceed the purchase price of the puppy (excluding transportation fees). 

 Defects/Problems which cannot be treated: Immediately notify the Seller of such developments and provide Seller with a copy of the vet’s exam certificate and a copy of the vet’s practice license. Seller will then determine if dog is to be returned or is to be euthanized. Upon receipt of dog or documentation of euthanasia, Seller agrees to refund purchase price of dog. If dog is to be returned, and if dog was originally shipped via commercial air paid for by Buyer, and is to be returned by same mode, Seller agrees to pay return shipment costs not exceeding original shipment costs.

 Buyer's Responsibilities after Transfer:

If dog becomes ill, sustains injury, or dies for reasons other than congenital defects, Buyer agrees not to hold Seller liable in any way.

Buyer agrees to pay all vet costs incurred, for whatever the reason, unless agreed upon beforehand in writing with the Seller.

At any time Buyer wishes to have the dog DNA tested to prove maternity or paternity it will be done at the Buyer's expense.

Buyer is responsible to maintain an appropriate external and internal parasite control program and immunization program.

Buyer agrees to pay for all attorney's fees and court cost resulting in any legal action required.

Other responsibilities:
It is the responsibility of the Buyer to immediately contact the Seller to discuss and attempt to resolve and issues that may develop in the dog. The Seller is willing to work with the Buyer and make every attempt in good faith to resolve any issues which may arise with the dog.

Conversely, it is the responsibility of the Buyer to make every attempt to follow recommendations made by the Seller as it relates to the above.

 Dear Puppy parent,

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NuVet is not available in stores, and is only available to the general public with an order code from an authorized pet professional.
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Seller agrees to provide to the Buyer the following documents:
1. Record of dog's immunization(s).
2. The registration application form.
This agreement constitutes and contains the entire agreement between Seller and Buyer and supersedes any prior oral or written representations, inducements, and understandings of any nature between the parties. Changes or modifications to this agreement shall not have legality unless executed in writing by both parties.

 Wherefore, the Buyer and the Seller have entered into this agreement and signified their acceptance of all the terms and conditions set forth herein, by affixing their signatures, and dating below:

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