Faux Frenchie’s are the offspring of a registered Frenchton (mother) and a registered French bulldog (father). Faux Frenchie’s have fewer chances of health issues compared to pure bred French Bulldogs but they are at a slightly higher risk than a Frenchton. This small increase is due to the additional French Bulldog DNA they have. Since the French bulldog genetics are more dominate, Faux Frenchtons often favor the French bulldog in their appearance. They tend to be closer to a French bulldog in weight and height. So, owners should expect a heavier, pet which can be up to 28 pounds and 15 inches in height. They come in a wide variety of colors from both their Boston terrier and Frenchie heritage. They are often compact in size with a flat head, large-standing bat ears, and a snub nose. The tapered body of a larger more bulky build in the front and a more narrow shorter legged rear is more pronounced with a 3/4 Faux Frenchie. 3/4 Faux Frenchie are more active than French Bulldogs and might favor the more relaxed, lazy side of the bulldog nature.


It is unlikely that anyone will even know your little Faux Frenchie isn't a French bulldog. My Vet often has to be told what breed they are.


Faux Frenchie’s are often quite. They don’t seem to bark much as an adult unless they are playing or they sense an intruder. Due to the increase appearance as a French bulldog they don't tolerate heat fairly well and should be an indoor pet with air conditioning. The more pronounced the snub nose or the heavier they are the more sensitive they are to the heat. Also, it is important to know that the shape and size of a Faux Frenchie's body makes it impossible for them to swim. They should never be thrown into water and should be monitored around water sources such as lakes and pools.


The choice between a Frenchton or a 3/4 Faux Frenchie depends on your personal preferences and what you are searching for in a new pet. 


Faux Frenchie adoption fees are $1350 unless blue then it is $1550. Please visit a nursery to the left to view Faux Frenchie’s for adoption.


(Puppy Love Kennels works with a licensed veterinarian to identify any abnormalities prior to adoption and offers a health guarantee to protect you and your new pet.).

Faux Frenchie adoption fees are $1400. Unless blue then they are $1600 

We are expecting Faux Frenchie’s

We have 9 females that produce Faux Frenchie litters. A few of these are expected to be bred. Their names are:  Bubbles, Wilma,  Billy Joe, Betty Joe and  Faith.
Please visit a nursery to the left 
to view Faux Frenchie’s for adoption

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Faux Frenchie’s are (3/4 French bulldog)

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