Faux Frenchies
Betty Joe

​​​Frenchtons: Due

Expecting in August 2019

Frug puppies

Boston Terriers:

French Bulldog 


We no longer can fly puppies I am sorry.

We are now able to offer more puppies with our two other locations in TN these are my Partners/Daughters  and they follow the same rules as I use here..
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   If you are one of the lucky families that are able to come in get your pup in person

we have an adoption center and love meeting our new families. 
We also have other litters coming up behind these so just watch the web page for announcement and let me know if I can help or if you have questions. 

We  are having litters being born  in  August 2019.    We  have Pure French Bulldogs,   Faux Frenchies , Frenchton bulldogs, Frugs


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