Puppies available for adoption 

Boston Terrier

   If you are one of the lucky families that are able to come in get your pup in person

we have an adoption center and love meeting our new families. 
We also have other litters coming up behind these so just watch the web page for announcement and let me know if I can help or if you have questions. 

​​Faux Frenchies

​​​Frenchtons: Due

Expecting in October 2019

​Puppy Love Kennels News

Thursday, September 12, 2019

I would like to apologies for any delay.

  Below is a list of bred females that if we are blessed will have pups around those dates.

New pricing is listed below

Faux Frenchies $1400 to 1600 on blues 

Frenchton Bulldogs $1200-1400 on blues 

Boston Terriers will be $650

Pure French bulldog puppies due on June 06, 2019 pricing will depend on colors.


Frenchton Bulldog pups $1150-$1350 none at this time    


Faux Frenchie $1400-$1600


Peanut Butter/SGT Gunner due on May 10, 2019 http://www.puppylovekennelstn.com/peanut-butter-s-nursery.html

Betty Joe/Winston due in June 2019 http://www.puppylovekennelstn.com/betty-joe.html

Billy Joe/Winston due in June 2019 http://www.puppylovekennelstn.com/billy-joe.html

JoeJoe/Winston pure frenchies due on June 6, 2019 http://www.puppylovekennelstn.com/jojo-french-bulldog-puppies.html




More coming soon just running late on the cycle dates

we are waiting on a date but coming soon

Boston Terrier 700-900

If you have requested to be on the birth announcement list, I have placed you on it.  If you have not, please let me know that you want to be on it and what breed you are interested in? I love meeting my families so you are welcome to come and get your puppy in person.

I have an adoption center to meet with my families for those that can pick up in person.

We will have pups again in July and the summer months to the best of my knowledge.

We also have added a few more studs for more variety in our breeding program.


Catherine Farmer

1090 Oss Williams Rd

Limestone, TN 37681

(423) 426-5158




Boston Terriers:

Born June 27,2019

French Bulldog 

We no longer can fly puppies I am sorry.

We are now able to offer more puppies with our two other locations in TN these are my Partners/Daughters  and they follow the same rules as I use here..
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We  are having litters being born  in  the fall for Christmas puppies.    We  have Pure French Bulldogs,   Faux Frenchies , Frenchton bulldogs, Frugs


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