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Frenchtons (50/50 Boston Terrier and French Bulldog) Coming in April 2015
Frenchton adoption fees are $800 based on color and coat pattern..Blue Frenchtons are $1000
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Frenchtons are the offspring of a registered Boston Terrier (mother) and a registered French Bulldog (father). Standard Frenchtons will have fewer chances of health issues. They are a 50/50 blend of both parents and sometimes favor one parent more than the other. They tend to have a slightly more bulky build than a Boston Terrier adding a bit more weight but often are not as heavy as a French Bulldog. The puppy’s coats can range in a variety of colors from those found on standard and colored Boston Terriers to the variety of colors found in French Bulldogs. The end result is a beautifully marked puppy, with a bulky, bully build, flat head with large bat like ears a snub nose, and a tapered body leading to a narrow rear. Standard Frenchtons are often less active than a Boston Terrier but much more active than a French Bulldog. They are very sociable and great pets for everyone willing to spend the time allowing them to play and exercise.
Frenchtons have the best qualities of both their French Bulldog and their Boston Terrier heritage. Frenchtons often enjoy better health than their purebred French Bulldog parent as they can inherit the healthier genetics from each parent. This breed doesn't tolerate heat very well, although better than most French Bulldogs. This breed must be a indoor dogs with air conditioning. Also, a Frenchton can favor the French Bulldog and be unable to support their body when emerged in water. It is important that Frecnhtons not be left unsupervised around bodies of water. We also suggest that when near water, such as boating, a Frenchton wear a doggie life vest.
(PuppyLove Kennels works with a licensed veterinarian to identify any abnormalities prior to adoption and offers a health guarantee to protect you and your new pet.)